The lab Teamwork implements R&D on food and pharmaceutical industry on the following themes:







  • Digestibility of proteins, fats or carbohydrates, bio-availability of nutrients.
  • Biodegradation of some molecules by microorganisms.
  • Determination of Nutritional value of food ingredients.
  • Improvement of nutritional value of food product.


Pharmaceutical industry

  • Stability of bioactive molecules and drugs under gastrointestinal simulating conditions.
  • Stability of drug delivering systems under gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Impact of drugs on colon microbiota


Research & Development Services

The FFNL serves as the ‘bridge’ between fundamental research and the food & Pharmaceutical industries;


Product development

  • The FFNL provides innovative formulation and process development for a wide range of functional foods and nutraceuticals.
  • Product developments included Design, Formulation, Characterisation (stability and acceptability),and In vitro and in vivo assessments